Oil Drilling Industry


Item No.: 9003-05-8
1.PAM Polyacrylamide
2.CAS NO.:9003-05-8
3. Appearance: white granule
4. Molecular weight: 5 - 22 million min 
Polyacrylamide called PAM, commonly known as flocculants or cohesion agent, sub-cation, anion type, the molecular weight between 400-1800 million, the product appearance is white or slightly yellow powder, soluble in water. In particular, acidic water, acid and organic matter and the red mud suspension turbidity from flocculation sedimentation and separation of the role of liquid mud, use less, water and low cost, flocculant can not be replaced by other products.
Features of PAM:

1) Appearance: white granule
2) Molecular weight: 5 - 22 million min
3) Granule: 20 - 100 mesh
4) Solid content: 88% min
5) Hydrolyzing degree: 10 - 20%, 20 - 30% or 30 - 40%
6) Dissolving time: 2 hours max (10°C)
7) Insoluble: 0.5% max
8) Monomer free: 0.05% max
It maintains viscosity in solid free drilling fluid. As a bentonite extender in low solids non-dispersed mud, it can be used along with small addition of bentonite to suspend weight material.
CAS No.: 9003-05-8 Other Names: PAM MF: C3H5NO
Place of Origin: Any China (Mainland) port Purity: 90% Classification: High Purity Reagents
Brand Name: Welink MW: 71.0779 Density: 1.189 g/mL at 25 °C
refractive index: n20/D 1.452 flash(ing) point: >230 °F Storage Condition: Refrigerator
Water solubility: SOLUBLE stability: Stable.